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Camilla of Sweden Tan Oil

Camilla of Sweden Tan Oil

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  • Eco VeganTan Oil increases the chance of faster and deeper tan. It can be used by everyone as the content increases melanin production - which in turn increases your tan.
    • Tan Oil contains no additional added sunscreen, besides the SPF 4 that is naturally present in the oils.
    • Tan Oil helps the skin to work up the pigment and make sure that you get a nice even color.
    • If an accident occurs and you burne yourself in the sun, then we recommend that you use After Sun. You can use After Sun every day that you spend in the sun. It helps and nourishes your skin.
    • If you have sensitive skin, complete with sunscreen, lubricate first with Tan Oil, then a sunscreen.
    • Tan Oil also works well in the solarium, but the lubrication for a while before going sunbathing to avoid smearing on the bench.
    • Tan Oil can dye on light textiles.
    Use - Lubricate yourself with Tan Oil approximately 30 minutes before sun exposure, then every two hours when you are staying in the sun.
    For Who: All skin types
    Size: 100 ml ( 3.4 fl. oz. )
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