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TanCan Prepare

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  • TANCAN PREPARE prepares the skin for brown-without-sun treatment.
    • The primer is sprayed over the skin and cleanses the skin while balancing the pH of the skin.
    • The result is a clean and pH balanced skin, which makes the result of the brown-without-sun treatment even and durable.
    • Enriched with skin care witch hazel that acts antiseptic and soothing to the skin, Vitamin A and Vitamin E act as powerful antioxidants and protect the skin from free radicals.
    Use - Immediately before you apply your brown-without-sun treatment. Spray lightly over the skin before treatment, dry the skin with a towel so that no residue is left. Finish off with any brown-without-sun treatment.
    For Who: All skin types
    Size: 200 ml
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